Best Cell Phone Plans

Senior Cell Phone Plans Discounts

Cell phones have become a vital part of everyday life. Cell phones allow seniors to connect with their loved ones and stay in touch with friends and family. Nowadays, seniors can easily find less complicated cell phones and cell phone plans so that they can stay in touch with those that matter most. For the more tech savy senior, smartphones provide tools, safety and entertainment on top of the standard communication functionality. Seniors can access their Facebook, pay bills online, text their friends and do so much more with a senior cell phone plan !

AT&T -  This company offers the AT&T Senior Nation Plan for individuals ages 65 and older. This is a nationwide plan that provides 200 anytime minutes, unlimited calling to other AT&T mobile customers, and 500 nights and weekends (N&W) minutes without roaming or long-distance charges. The monthly charge is $29.99, but this plan cannot be used on smartphones or tablets.

T-Mobile - Those 55+ will appreciate T-Mobile's unlimited plans designed for seniors that have flexible features for one low all-included rate.

Sprint - Sprint's Unlimited 55+ Plan along with their brand-new cell phone designed for senior's convenience makes Spring a top mobile carrier choice again this year.

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